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I was born in Falkirk, but have lived more than half my life in Edinburgh. For the past twelve years I have lived on the Canongate in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town. I have been painting for about 14 years, generally favouring acrylic on either card or canvas.

As far as inspiration goes, I wouldn’t be able to name any other artists, and would simply mention an interest in the archaeology and history of Europe, astronomy, log cabins in winter, holidays by the sea in the West of Ireland, my daughter Sophie’s art and 20th century chamber music.

I haven’t priced things here, and would encourage anybody interested in any of the works to get in touch with me to find some suitable price.

Depending on the painting, prints of various sizes can also be available.

I find it hard to talk about individual paintings and, perhaps unkindly, feel that artists who have to explain their paintings are like comedians who have to explain their punchlines……

I simply enjoy playing with line, colour and shape.I also like manipulating the randomness that can result from using collage.